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 SWOEA RA and Learning Day Nov 12. 
Ra 9 to 10 Zoom
Session One 10-10:55
Session Two 11-11:55

RSVP: SWOEA has many RSVP: Call 513-771-3319  Please include your name, local association, phone and email address to Veria at  by Nov 04, 2022. 

Get out the vote!!! For Pro Public Schools and strong communities endorsed candidates  from D and R Go to

SWOEA also has many committees, work shops, and is willing to help. Give me a call 5132893863 or email

Several Local negotiating next spring. We are looking into a SWOEA bargaining boot camp . Stay tuned for information

SWOEA  Approved a Motion(Fortman/Jackson) is offering 10 Scholarships to cover cost for  OEA Leadership conference. 
Bargaining Boot Camp
NEA Leadership Grants
Local Leader grants
ONE Grants
Crayons to Computers 
Funds for Juneteenth
Women's City Club
Local Leader Award
Prize baskets.

The OEA Website has lots on back to school information Please check it out!

SWOEA Offering Student Loan forgiveness Workshops.The demand for information about loan forgiveness increased exponentially following the announcement of the Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Program overhaul announced by the Department of Education in October 2021. By popular demand, NEA Member Benefits is continuing to offer additional Student Loan Forgiveness ZOOM workshops throughout the holidays. Please Contact  President Michael Fortman for dates and times!


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Look for Updates on Information and Events too!

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